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A Banner Year for MINI: 2012 in Review

Instead of the untimely demise predicted by the Mayan calendar, 2012 was an incredible year for MINI and its amazing fans. Scroll through this banner year and get a taste of our bright future.

A Banner Year for MINI: 2012 in Review

The New Faces of 2012
The MINI production lines were absolutely humming this year, introducing the MINI family to a whole slew of new faces. From a new drop top to a MINI Countryman brother, here's a refresher of the new kids to look for on a block near you.

MINI Roadster

Roadster: Two Up, Top Down. Meet the New Mini Roadster

The MINI Roadster brings new joy to those snaking country roads. We dropped the top and took in the thrills of MINI motoring bliss.

MINI Clubvan

MINI Clubvan

The MINI Clubvan is the newest mover and shaker that's ready to hire. This year, this energetic expediter got poised to give your small business a pick-me-up.

MINI Paceman

Paceman. Design With Bite: The new MINI Paceman

The MINI Countryman has a design-savvy coupé brother that's eager to navigate you and your crew through city wilds. The street chic style of the MINI Paceman sends a clear message that bold design continues to be a time-honored tradition of the brand.

MINI John Cooper Works
The purebred lineage of the John Cooper Works racing dynasty also grew in leaps and bounds during 2012. The MINI John Cooper Works Countryman charged onto the scene as the most powerful MINI ever, the MINI John Cooper Works GP clocked in as the fastest street legal cruiser available, and just recently we were introduced to the striking new MINI John Cooper Works Paceman, which offers circuit-worthy muscle with a sleek coupé silhouette.

MINI John Cooper Works Countryman
MINI John Cooper Works GP
MINI John Cooper Works Paceman
MINI John Cooper Works Family
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Massive Meet Ups, Epic Road Trips
There's nothing more MINI than taking an epic pilgrimage to a faraway land or coming together to demonstrate the raw force of our extended community. From MINI United and MINI Takes the States to the Put Foot Rally and road trips across South America, 2012 laid innumerable MINI tread marks all around the globe in the name of adventure and camaraderie, and it couldn't be done without each one of you hitting the gas.

MINI United Event
MINI Takes the States
MINI Put Foot Rally
MINI Road Trip Across South Africa

Inspiration for the Creative Class
It wasn't just the global community of MINI fans who were galvanized into showing their solidarity this year. From fashion, to design, to music, the industries' leading lights came forward to showcase works inspired by MINI.

MINI Fendi Handbag

The celebrated Italian handbag designer Ilaria Venturini Fendi created a limited edition range of handbags reusing offcuts of the MINI Roadster design. Embellishment materials ranged from wing mirrors to car handles.

MINI Lifeball

Franca Sozzani, the long-standing editor of Italian Vogue, customized her own, floral MINI Roadster design for the glamorous HIV fundraiser Life Ball.

And French rockers Superbus were ready to shout their inspiration from the rooftops with the release of their song "Mini," an ode to the joys of motoring MINI-style. We dare you to try and rid your brain of this earworm before the year is out!

Crowning Achievements
And going by the year's successes, Superbus had more than enough reason to pen their paean to the car. MINI racked up some stellar accomplishments for 2012.

Dakar Rally

The year set off in good stead when Peterhansel scored the top spot on the grueling track of the legendary Dakar Rally with his monster ALL4 RACING vehicle. Can the team repeat their success at Dakar Rally 2013 this January? Stay tuned to find out...

Full-throttle speed hunters were drawn to the new MINI John Cooper Works GP, which pounced onto the scene in August. A rebrush of the original GP MINI, it's the fastest production MINI ever made, clocking in a stunning 8:23 minutes on the notorious Nürburgring racetrack. Blink and you'll miss it!

MINI John Cooper Works GP

But it wasn't all about speed and endurance records in 2012. Over in China, MINI was scoring gongs for their nimbleness, agility and "creative use of space." This team's Guinness World Record-breaking parallel parking was a master feat of driving, with only 15cm between two cars. Watch it here.

MINI Guinness World Record

And speaking of "Creative Use of Space," it doesn't get more extreme than this 28-strong troupe of gym members from Sussex, UK. They clinched another Guinness World Record for the most people in a MINI!

MINI Goes to Santa Claus

A bumper year of world records closed with a MINI convoy on a Christmas mission to Santa this month. Bearing festive wishes collected from MINI fans from every corner of the globe, they compiled one wish list nearly 4km long. Was your wish one of the 76,000 that made it?

The Road Ahead
With fond memories and nostalgia tugging at our heartstrings, it's tough saying goodbye to a year as stellar as 2012. But let's not forget we have a whole new chapter to write for 2013 and it's up to each one of us to pen a few of its lines. We've got MINI meet ups! Epic road trips! Records to shatter! Races to win! And who knows, maybe a new set of wheels to ogle over. We're set to motor on into one more road trip around the sun, where each of those 365 days is a golden opportunity to seize the NOT NORMAL spirit that makes us all distinctly MINI.

Bring on 2013 and let's motor!


A Banner Year for MINI: 2012 in Review © MINI

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