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Your Cockpit is Calling. Introducing the New MINI Coupé

You know that dream you have where you show up to the airport with nothing more than a passport, credit card and a bloodlust for ecstatic adventure? Right, of course you do. Why haven't you ever done it? It's not the credit card, the courage or the proper passport you're lacking. You've just never had the right wingman.

We're always game for on-the-fly anything here at MINI Space, and we've just found ourselves a new partner in crime. Grab a co-pilot and come get your new MINI Coupé.

So, here's the thing. The newest member of the MINI Family is full-throttle, pure MINI pedigree with lots of power and potential for exotic escape. Hong Kong? Let's roll. Mumbai? Bring it. The beauty of the newest MINI model is that there's only room on this guest list for a plus-one — just two front-row seats standing ready at attention.

MINI Coupé hits the road.
Up close and personal – Meet the New MINI Coupé.

The world's most famous go-kart-gone-wild lives on in the Coupé, this one with more than enough sport to get you into and out of any situation that's thrown your way. With the stiffest, most stable chassis ever introduced in a MINI model, more suspension options and a dynamic traction control system that allows the driver to push harder than ever before, this is one MINI that knows how to take a punch.

MINI Coupé movin around.
Special Delivery – Hong Kong Style.

The most powerful engines MINI produces will be dropped under the hood. A two-seat chariot harnessing 211 hard-core horses? There's a MINI John Cooper Works Coupé for that. The trademark MINI "mid-air" roofline is here too, but with slicked-back styling: heading off the list of distinctive design characteristics for us, it caps off the Coupé like a jet-pilot's flight helmet, ears pitched back, full-ready for any dogfight at the edge of the radar screen.

Out back there's a cargo hold tucked into the tail, with room for a lot more than that aforementioned passport and MasterCard - the MINI Coupé sports more than 75% storage room than the MINI Hatch in a 4-up configuration. To compliment your quest for flight into the unknown, there's even a pass-through in the back seat for any lengthy gear you and your co-pilot might need for delivering contraband or precious cargo. Mobile satellite network setups? RPGs? Fencing gear? Choose your own adventure.

Racing through Rio, Full-Tilt.
Racing through Rio, Full-Tilt.

Aerodynamics come fully dialed-in. The roof design gives way to a back spoiler that takes flight when you do. Speed sets the two-seater's rear wing aloft according to how hard you choose to push the envelope, reducing back-end lift substantially while setting to rest any wind shudders that could show up near top speed.

Never without a sly wink and sense of humor, that same wing can be toggled up and down by the driver on demand, serving as a further nod to the individualistic design of the striking roofline. If you happen to catch the MINI Space Team behind the wheel (good luck, unless you're as fortunately equipped, ha) you might just see the spoiler flipped quickly, as a wink and a wave while we wish you well in the rear-view mirror.

The 5th member of the MINI Family is a fresh reminder that with the right wingman, there's action around every corner. Say hello to your tag-team partner for everyday adventures into the unknown.

More exclusive shots from the film production of the MINI Coupé Teaser here:

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Click on a picture to launch the image gallery (13 images)


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Comments (7)


posted by Kiwik | 01/13/2012 07:24 pm

simply amazing car..I wish I could have one MINI :)


posted by Mencar | 12/27/2011 03:24 pm

to create a line perhaps it's easy!?...but to modify it mantaining its initial spirit, it it's more than difficult!!!...try it!!....

Lloyd Schober

posted by Lloyd Schober | 10/31/2011 08:30 am

I agree its ugly and pointless but its new so people will buy it . Nothing bold about it at all...its a mini with bits missing and a silly hat on .


posted by Riccardorib | 09/14/2011 06:30 am

Ciao, se vi interessa, per il lancio della nuova MINI Coupé, a sett/ottobre, un pó in tutta Italia MINI organizza dei test drive. Per iscriversi, é sufficiente guardare questo video ufficiale, lasciare il proprio numero di tel. alla ragazza (che ti chiama sul serio!) e scegliere la data e la cittá dove fare il test drive. E se inviti tre amici ti puoi anche prenotare per un test drive su pista! Enjoy!


posted by nazmulla | 07/03/2011 04:36 am

I like it!! Can't wait to test drive it!! I think that it's a bold design move and one which is needed in today's marketplace. MINI deserves many kudos for the way they are growing the brand.

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