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The MINI Media Award 2013: The Sickest Stories of the Burton European and US Open

Burton European and US Open, Presented by MINI
MINI and Burton are geared up and taking an epic summit tour across the globe for 2013. The MINI Space Team is slopeside through it all, bringing you all the action from superpipe acrobatics to urban art installations and other off-piste excitement. Let's kick it!


Front-side at Burton European and US Open 2013 is going to be even sicker than expected thanks to some of the slickest wordsmiths in snow business. The days of basic panel reporting melted away winters ago, and to put some extra spotlight on the world-class air that'll be on display at the summits this year, MINI is introducing a new kind of freestyle hype that's set to take the Burton European and US Open scene by storm - The MINI Media Award!


MINI is changing gears and giving the dedicated gawkers of the snowboarding world an opportunity to do some freestyling of their own for the Burton European Open in Laax, Switzerland (February 4-9) and the Burton US Open in Vail, Colorado (February 25-March 3). Their challenge? To pen the most "steezy" spin on Burton Open reporting in ways that honor the ongoing dedication of MINI to the "Creative Use of Space." You'll find them all hosted right here on MINI Space and your votes will not only determine which writer goes home with the gold... but could also get you some new gear for the next snow day.

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You'll have the chance to win one of three limited edition Burton snowboards, custom-designed by Lukas Goller and Tobias "Ludschi" Ludescher of the PirateArtCrew. After voting for your favorite article, write the most creative comment you can in support of your choice and your love of snowboarding, and one of those sweet rides could be coming your way. Want a riding partner? Tell your friends and you might just score one a piece!

Time will tell what these intrepid authors will choose to highlight, but the seasoned snowboarder knows that a mountain has many stories to tell. We can expect anything from athlete profiles to event play-by-plays, to poetic breakdowns of the latest, most imaginatively named tricks that take the crowds' frozen breath away.


And did we mention the hardware? Who wouldn't want to bring this sweet trophy back to your desk at the office?

With MINI building the kicker for the deftest hands of snowboard-journalism, we can expect these competitors to land in one place and one place only: the sweet-spot, front and center.

The MINI Space Team is pumped to see what the best of the best in snowboard-journalism have up their sleeves. Voting begins March 13th and ends on the 27th, so be on the ready! Some new boards for Spring riding are up for grabs!

Until then, you can stay up on all the BEO action right here on MINI Space.


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