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Art on the beach

As one year shifts into the next, it is worthwhile to look at two artists who use non-permanence and change as their medium. It may seem strange to make an artwork knowing it may only last a few hours, but that's exactly what happens when you create art on the beach. And we're not talking sandcastles.

Art beach, Sand Art Warning sign by Andres Amador, beach in California, © Andres Amador

Jim Denevan and Andres Amador are just two artists who use sand as their palette and canvas. Their large scale earth works, so large they are only visible from afar, hark back to the sixties tradition of land art, zen meditation and even crop circles, but with a contemporary twist. Andres Amador's Playa Paintings, ranging from 100 to several thousand feet, were all made by raking sand on the beaches around California. "The beach renews itself and there is no clean up involved", he says of his methods. Some have environmental messages, like the Biohazard and Warning signs he made following the oil spill of 2007.

Surfer (and founder of the "Outstanding in the Field" moveable feasts) Jim Denevan has created over 600 drawings in the sand, using sticks and garden tools. He has also exhibited at PS1 MOMA and Headlands Center for the Arts. He recently made the world's largest freehand drawing on a dry lake in Nevada, walking for eight days to draw the 3 mile pattern. Although their art is as temporary as the winds or tides, for both Amador and Denevan it is this fleeting moment that motivates them. So sign up to their newsletters to find out about the next sand action, or it will be gone before you know it.

Design by Andres Amador
Andres Amador at work on a drawing
Warning sign by Andres Amador, beach in California
Drawing on Black Rock by Jim Denevan, Nevada
Sand art from above by Jim Denevan
Flower of Life by Andres Amador, beach in California
Jim Denevan spiral in the sand
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Comments (2)


posted by Susie | 02/17/2009 04:38 am

I love this! forget sandcastles.


posted by fonkmusic | 01/16/2009 08:42 am

great work!!!!

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