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#asktheNEWMINI: Your Online Meet & Greet for The New MINI


The New MINI is set to hit the streets and no doubt MINIacs everywhere will want to get properly acquainted. Thankfully The New MINI is outgoing and more than ready for its debut meet and greet. Always a bit competitive, it's starting out of the gate as the first car to host its own AMA ("ask me anything") online. Whatever you'd like to know - from new features to queries of character - The New MINI will have the camera rolling to respond to your questions with 15 second, entertaining videos for you and the whole MINI community to see.

Starting this Thursday, March 20th and running until the 2nd of June, The New MINI will be taking open questions right here on MINI Space, as well as through the major social media platforms of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+. But if you want to cut to the front of the line, start asking your questions now from your favourite social media platform, before things get into full swing on MINI Space this Thursday. The sooner the better!


So, got a burning question for The New MINI? Get ready to ask away. Whatever your channel of choice, simply make a post or comment using #asktheNEWMINI. It's that easy. Tweet it, post it, comment it, or - come Thursday - leave it right here on MINI Space. Just make sure you've got the hashtag in your question and it will be sent straight to The New MINI where it will get to business thinking up an informative - but clever - response.

Watch the video below to get in on the action.

From the stream of inquiries made by you and other curious fans around the planet, The New MINI will set to answering the most original questions in the form of a short video that will be shared with the whole MINI community. Playing the part of both director and the lead role, The New MINI will craft completely original short films for anyone who wants to learn something new and catch a good laugh in the process. Keep your eyes peeled wherever MINI has a voice online to see the answers roll in.

And like any good AMA, it's always fun to see what others will be asking. To keep tabs on all the questions pouring in and the original responses posted by The New MINI, watch it unfold in real time starting this Thursday at

The New MINI is ready for your questions so ask away!


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2014 MINI Cooper S

Fuel consumption combined: 5,8 - 5,7 l/100 km, CO2 emission combined: 136 - 133 g/km, more information.


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