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End of the Road for ALL THE WRONG PLACES

For over 7 months, MINI and VICE bravely went in search of the most off-beat adventures in the world. We combed through over 1,500 Facebook entries from around the globe to find five gutsy Co-Pilots to ride with us. Then in the new MINI Coupé and MINI Roadster we went to find the kind of bizarre adventures people write songs about. Because when we said we were going to ALL THE WRONG PLACES  — we meant it. Our missions took us off the map in Japan, RSA, Peru, Sweden, and Jamaica. But sadly, even the best unwise adventures must come to an end. So as we say goodbye to ALL THE WRONG PLACES, let’s remember the most legendary trip highlights. Feeling brave? Read on.

JAPAN: Discovering the Bizarre Transformer Trucks


Our unwise adventures began with Mission 1 to Japan. Elliott and Co-Pilot Maggie fell through the rabbit hole of a seemingly conservative culture, to a crazy world where guys trick their work trucks out in tons of disco bling and adorn their sides with epic paintings. These Dekotora trucks were both mind-blowing and blinding. Each truck can have over 30,000 colored bulbs, lights and chandeliers. Not to mention the detailed artwork painted inside and out. We got so swept up in their Japanese Vegas world that we blinged out the MINI Coupé in up-to-the minute Deko swag. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch this episode and be dazzled. The most incredible thing was watching the mechanics completely pimp the MINI in just one day.

RSA: Rolling with the Taxi Hit Squad.


Mission 2 took us to South Africa, where the music scene jumps to a unique local beat called Kwaito, but here it’s the taxi drivers who are the DJs and hit-makers. Normally you’d want your taxi driver to turn his music down, so we needed to find out more about this local phenomenon. Elliott and Krishna took the MINI Coupé to roll through the deepest and darkest parts of the town of Soweto with the Taxi Hit Squad. Scary at times, but these guys play incredible beats in their township taxis. They replace the back seats with a wall of speakers designed to make their passengers’ ears bleed. And the passengers can’t get enough. Check out this Mission and see our cameras vibrating from the million decibels of Kwaito music.

PERU: Shedding blood with the mythical Scissor Dancers.


Next stop, Peru. Our most dangerous mission yet was to find the mythical scissor dancers of Peru. We ventured high up into the Andes, lost half the crew to altitude sickness and nearly lost our Co-Pilot Anthony all together. But we found these crazy mountain men who pierce themselves with cacti, eat live worms, cut their tongues, roll on glass and walk on fire. They’re truly the quietest, nicest guys you’ll ever meet. But when they dance, stand back. They are insane. Ever seen a guy play a violin suspended through a hole he’s just pierced through his tongue? Watch this.

SWEDEN: Micronations Road Tripping.


Our next Mission uncovered some crazy Swedes. Krishna and Co-Pilot Chris went to investigate Micronations, self-declared nations with outlandish constitutions, citizenry and heads of state. First stop, the crazed driftwood towers of the Kingdom of Ladonia. Artist Lars Vilks declared his kingdom to protect his installations from being destroyed by the Swedish government. Ladonia’s president is an old pair of loafers so yes, the Kingdom is a joke, but also a political statement of rebellion against Swedish conformity. Intrigued, we rolled to the second Micronation of Jämtland, to meet a president who moonlights as a comedian. Jämtland residents are a hearty bunch who like to shoot things, breed dogs that can kill bears, toss moose hooves for sport and relax by drinking vodka distilled in bear gizzards. You probably don’t believe us, so you’d better re-watch this episode.

JAMAICA: Finding the mysterious Obeah Magic Man.


Ahhh, tropical Jamaica beckoned for our final Mission. But we were going to ALL THE WRONG PLACES so after we threw Krishna off a 50ft cliff, he and Co-Pilot Natalia left the white beaches far behind and plunged the new MINI Roadster into the steamy interior in search of practitioners of the ancient folk magic, Obeah. And they found Joseph. He levitates, he astral travels, he sees demons everywhere. We didn’t think he was the real deal, but then he made an eerie prediction that came true. Did we meet a demon? Watch the episode and get spooked like we did.

In the end, driving to ALL THE WRONG PLACES turned out to be best idea of all. And hey — everyone made it back alive! A big cheer goes out to our MINI Facebook Co-Pilots Maggie, Anthony, Chris and Natalia — incredible wingmen and women. And cheers to our hosts Elliott and Krishna for leading the charge into some truly hair-raising situations. And thanks to all of you. For riding with MINI and VICE over the past 7 months through thick and thin in the wildest of travel. Ready for more? Well, buckle up braveheart, jump in the new MINI Coupé or Roadster and let your own intrepid adventures begin.

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