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Intrepid Co-Pilots Wanted for Adventures with MINI and VICE

MINI and VICE are seeking the brave and the bold, in search of fearless co-pilots ready to ride shotgun on a new adventure travel series to All The Wrong Places. From 29 August 2011 until February 2012, the MINI Coupé, along with its gutsy VICE guide and MINI Community member co-conspirator will be plunging into the heart of the most unlikely adventures.

Our fearless host and his wingman on wheels - the powerful new MINI Coupé - will be leading our five exciting missions. They'll be joined by five handpicked, brave co-pilots from the MINI Community on Facebook to ride along as willing accomplices. These daredevils will be plunging into exciting adventures across five countries to bring our MINI Fans the kind of bizarre stories not found in any guidebook.

Where are we venturing to on our first mission? Somewhere deep in Japan. Somewhere intrepid and awesome. Have you got what it takes win our first Co-Pilot seat? Then visit the MINI Facebook Page to upload your most adventurous profile and show us why you'd make the ultimate adventure accomplice to head to ‘All The Wrong Places' in Japan.

MINI and VICE are taking off on unlikely adventures to ‘All The Wrong Places' and you have a chance to star in our first episode. So why are you still sitting here, reading this? Get in now.

This is just the beginning. Stay tuned for more on the adventures to follow here on MINI Space.

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posted by Rogthehat | 09/01/2011 12:07 pm

Why dont you have the first MINI Cooper orderd on the 12th of September 1997 there as well, you know its mine Y2 HAT no 275, I would love to see the 2 millionth MINI come off the Line.

Happy MINI-ing Rog "The Hat".

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