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Viking Co-Pilot Wanted for the Coolest Adventure So Far

MINI and VICE are off on our next unlikely Mission to ALL THE WRONG PLACES in the far reaches of Sweden, birthplace of the most intrepid adventurers. We've fired up the seat warmers in our MINI Coupé and have one spare, toasty warm spot for an intrepid Co-Pilot. This is your chance to live the Viking dream. Ready to ride with us to ALL THE WRONG PLACES? Seize the spare seat now.


How will we know when we've found our chosen one - our next fearless Co-Pilot? Well we're looking for someone who's ready to conquer new lands and claim their own. For this Mission we need someone with drive, ambition. We want someone who loves learning, who's culturally aware and even politically astute. This mission will require brains as well as brawn. So if you're ready to roll like a Viking with MINI and VICE, tell us why that coveted Co-Pilot seat should be reserved for you.

Meet Anthony, our Mission 3 Winner

If you're curious what another Co-Pilot might look like, check out Anthony Jaumard Verlaine from France, winner of ALL THE WRONG PLACES Mission 3: Peru. Anthony is going with our host Elliott to the land of the Incas for one unforgettable journey. Here's a little taster of what Anthony brings to the table:

"I ONLY live for adventure and travel around the world! I have swum with great white sharks in South Africa, I participated in the freedom walk during the Egyptian revolution and did 11 base jumps from a cliff in Zimbabwe in one afternoon. I've hitchhiked through Africa from south to north, I swam with the crocodiles at the top of Victoria Falls in Zambia, I searched for and lived for weeks with an ancestral tribe who had never met modern man before. I have paraded at fashion weeks in New York and Paris, I climbed the highest volcanoes in the world and danced dressed up in Spongebob in front of hundreds of thousands people in a float for Queensday and TechnoParade."

Check out what else Anthony has squeezed into his 27 years here. You'll be able to watch the video soon and see what exactly he got himself into.

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Until then, if you're a fan of MINI on Facebook, you can seize the next Co-Pilot seat. This adventure is going to be the coolest yet, so convince us why you're the Viking Co-Pilot we need for the MINI Coupé in ALL THE WRONG PLACES Sweden. Apply now!

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posted by narcysm | 11/11/2011 01:12 am

I'm in!
This is my entry :)

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