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Welcome to Planet LAAX: MINI Space Touches Down at the Burton European Open 2012

We'd been given sufficient warning. Don't go to Vorab. Not today. Bad idea. The warning came in a heavily accented Swiss German version of English. The sensible, well-wishing veteran who delivered it during a slightly harrowing chairlift ride wore a face of well-tanned leather — one that only years of mountain life can shape. The kind of guy who knows these types of things. You'd think we'd have learned our lesson after last year's Burton European Open misadventure. You'd think!

Well, we went to Vorab. What we encountered there was truly extraordinary.


Welcome to Planet LAAX.

This year we couldn't help but take a global approach to the Burton Global Open Series European tour stop. Throwing caution to the wind, quite literally, we took it straight to the top en route to the world-class snowboard tournament.


At 2420 meters we were just getting started...

Welcome to Planet LAAX Welcome to Planet LAAX

Pop Quiz:

Moon Location or Location on Planet LAAX? Break out your #2 pencils because you've only got 30 seconds. Ready? Go.

1. Foppa | Janssen
2. Montes Taurus | Mutta Rodunda
3. Vallis Schröteri | Treis Palas
4. Naraus | Nasmyth
5. Boussingault | Sogn Gion
6. Alp Dado | Orontius
7. Curnius | Wargentin
8. Furnerius | Ils Plains
9. La Siala | Pitiscus

Scroll to the key at the end of the article and if you got more than seven right email us and we'll send you a monogrammed MINI Space pocket protector. Just kidding. But yeah. It's like that.

Welcome to Planet LAAX Welcome to Planet LAAX Welcome to Planet LAAX

So... where were we... Oh right. Absolutely no idea. What was perfectly clear though was that wherever we were on LAAX was beautiful and extreme. The sun shone infinitely bright, casting incredible hues about the wind punished lanscape everywhere in sight. Nearing the glacier there wasn't an absolute soul to be found. Absolute Creative Use of (negative) space.

Welcome to Planet LAAX

The hour became late. A lone patroller raced up on skis asking if we were in need of guidance. No, Houston, we have absolutely no problem. Guidance systems are all go. We've found exactly what we're looking for.

Welcome to Planet LAAX

We're super hyped that you've joined us on our journey to this year's Burton European Open. Next up we'll be taking you behind-the-scenes with the Creative Use of Space arichitects of this year's freestyle courses. See all the best from our adventurous arrival at this year's BEO in the gallery below and stay tuned for more on MINI Space.

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Welcome to Planet LAAX

Quiz Key - No peeking.

1. LAAX | Moon — Foppa | Janssen
2. Moon | LAAX — Montes Taurus | Mutta Rodunda
3. Moon | LAAX — Vallis Schröteri | Treis Palas
4. LAAX | Moon — Naraus | Nasmyth
5. Moon | LAAX — Boussingault | Sogn Gion
6. LAAX | Moon — Alp Dado | Orontius
7. LAAX | Moon — Curnius | Wargentin
8. Moon | LAAX — Furnerius | Ils Plains
9. LAAX | Moon — La Siala | Pitiscus

Welcome to Planet LAAX


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