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Chromania! Design Competition — Winners Announced!

The moment Chromania! launched, we just knew that MINI Space was in for a treat. With a full-spectrum of rainbow submissions, you guys really proved that you could find splashes of gorgeous color in the most unlikely of places. From psychedelic Photoshop wizardry to the soft and subtle timbres of the everyday world, Chromania! truly ran the full gamut of ideas and responses.

Here, we announce the winners, a selection of the team’s and the community’s favorite entries.

Jury Prize 1: Macbook Air
‘Boogie Nights’ by Andrzej Bochenski, Poland

Andrzej Bochenski - 'Boogie Nights'

There’s no denying it, Andrzej’s rooster shot is a total knockout. That proud, crowning sweep of pigment is the perfect reminder that when it comes to bursts of jaw-dropping color, nature still puts the man-made world to shame. Andrzej, of Poland, spotted the rooster proudly preening and cleaning his feathers, like a blustering young guy preparing for a Friday night on the town: hence the title, ‘Boogie Nights.’ He got this shot off just before the rooster got scrappy with him, charging with an assault of pecking. The title is an apt one, with that proud plumage and fierce attitude. This little guy is truly cock of the walk.

Jury Prize 2: iPhone 4S (64GB)
‘Blue is Gone’ by Michal Hustaty, Slovakia

Michal Hustaty - 'Blue is Gone'

We loved the rainbow flurry of Chromania! submissions, but every now and then, an image would seem all the more striking for its efforts in really crafting a unique scene. ‘Blue is Gone,’ submitted by Michal Hustaty, of Slovakia, is a brilliant case in point. Against that faded azure blue, that central splash of color is just breathtaking. In that flaming burst of red, the model almost looks like a phoenix reborn. We’re kind of fixated with those stone platform shoes, too!

Michal’s photo is part of a series: check the rest out here.

Jury Prize 3: iPhone 4S (32GB)
‘Color-inary Art’ by Nathaniel Gonzales, U.K.

Nathaniel Gonzales - 'Color-inary Art'

We awarded our third prize to this pared-down, yet super striking image of colored cutlery from UK-based photographer Nathaniel Gonzales. Its harmonious blend of pigments reminded us that daily simplicities like plasticware can sometimes offer as lively a display of color as brilliant autumn foliage. Set against that stark black background, those vibrant neon shades would make for a pretty tripped-out dining experience. Bon appétit!

Popular Vote Prize: iTunes Gift Card (for approx. 100 songs)
‘MIXTICO’ by Andrea Echeverri, Colombia

Andrea Echeverri - 'MIXTICO'

The MINI Space community rallied together to support this psychedelic study of the human form, by Andrea Echeverri, from Colombia. But there’s more to the image than its most obvious assets. ‘MIXTICO’ was inspired by the UN’s Millennium Development Goals, and specifically, the plan to “combat HIV / AIDS, malaria and other diseases.” The way these figures intertwine, the determination in their body language, contrasted with the frailty and vulnerability of their nakedness, all make this image pretty thought-provoking. We’re proud to showcase and support both this, and Andrea’s further MDG-inspired pieces.

A huge thank you to everyone who submitted to Chromania! The quality of submissions was astounding, and narrowing them down to a final winners podium was quite difficult indeed. Check out the runners-up gallery for the best of the rest, below.

Scilla M
Luca Renoldi
Helena Brunnerova
João Coutinho
rick jo
Andy Howe
Toby Martin Hughes
Jonathan Diederichs
Click on a picture to launch the image gallery (17 images)

Feeling inspired? Get your entries in to our latest design competition, All Together Now..., which celebrates that feeling of true community spirit. And on that note, remember to keep voting, commenting and supporting your own MINI Space family!

Good luck!

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Comments (2)


posted by yourscreatively | 02/29/2012 01:07 am

congrats Andrzej your entry for chromania is indeed very nice! Beautiful work...
- Nilesh Mehta

Martin Krastev

posted by Martin Krastev | 02/23/2012 08:03 am

Congratulations to the winners :)

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