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Sight & Sounds Design Competition - Winners Announced!

For our recently wrapped Sight & Sounds Design Competition - inspired by MINI Sounds webradio - we called for entries that took music as inspiration for art. We soon received thousands of amazing entries ranging from photography and illustration to vector graphics. Not only were the works submitted impressive but also the music tracks inspired by them. We now present you with the official winners of the competition. Congrats everyone!

Jury Prize 1: Apple MacBook Pro
"The Fear" by Bechira from Romania
Inspiration: ‘The Fear' by Lily Allen

winner 1

Black and white characters intertwine harmonically to form a soft, feathered sphere. Playing on a theatrical Ying and Yang juxtaposition, this vector design submitted by Romanian MINI Spacer ‘Bechira' explores depth and texture with rich shadows. Playful yet pensive much like ‘The Fear' by Lily Allen, this submission caught our eye as a richly textured, complex composition. Listen to more pop tracks like this on MINI Sounds' MINI United Channel.

Jury Prize 2: Apple iPad
"Meet Your Master" by Nikklemomo from China
Inspiration: ‘‘Meet Your Master'' by Nine Inch Nails

sight and sounds winner

Inspired by ‘Meet Your Master' by Nine Inch Nails, Nikklemomo from China submitted a darkly alluring illustration. The piece boasts bold, lush color with carefully detailed brushstrokes. Like the track of the same name this piece captures the delicate balance between love and hate, good and evil. Catch rock and metal songs like this on MINI Cross.

Jury Prize 3: Lomography Diana Deluxe Camera Set
"Stress" by matias_hndg from Argentina
Inspiration: ‘'Stress'' by Justice

sight and sounds winner

MINI Spacer matias_hndg from Argentina submitted this graphic design chock-full of striking color and multi-textured layers. Boasting fluorescent fuschia, pink and pastel green, this piece is as active and chaotic as the track that inspired it: ‘Stress' by French electronic duo Justice. From urban fixtures such as skyscrapers and traffic lights to the occasional pop-queen girlfight, this piece struck a chord electrifyingly in key with its accompanying track. For more electro and indie tracks like this, tune into MINI Space on MINI Sounds radio.

Popular Vote Prize: iTunes Store Credit
"3:32" by Conetto from Italy
Inspiration: ‘'Domani'' by Artisti Uniti per l'Abruzzo

sight and sounds winner

MINI Spacer Conetto from Italy submitted this photograph, inspired by ‘Domani' by Artisti Uniti per L'Abruzzo. This montage, if you will, of several miscellaneous and colorful items quickly became a MINI Space favorite -easily winning the MINI Space Community's popular vote. For more global, chillaxing sounds like this, check out MINI International on MINI Sounds.

To view the entire gallery of entries, click here.

Want to get in on the fun? Participate in our current MINI Space Urban Nature Remixed competition for the chance to win cool prizes like the all-new Apple Mac Book Air, Apple iPad, or an awesome Ricoh CX3 digital camera. 

Urban Nature Remixed Design Competition ends Friday, January 14th so get in it to win it!

MINI Space Links:
Urban & Nature Remixed
Sight & Sounds Competition
MINI Sounds Web Radio

Winners' Profile Pages:


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Comments (2)


posted by conetto | 12/14/2010 01:11 pm

grazie grazie grazie tnx :D


posted by Hytham | 12/14/2010 08:09 am

Congratulations ;)

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