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MINI Connected, dashboard entertainment – easy, convenient & safe. See what it’s all about!

New Updates! Now Featuring iCal, Foursquare, and Stitcher ‘Smart Radio’

New updates to MINI Connected place some of the best apps from cyberspace squarely on your console. Now from the comfort of your MINI, you can stay up to speed with friends on Foursquare, always know what’s on the agenda with your iOS Calendar integration, and listen to your favorite podcasts with the Stitcher ‘Smart Radio’ App, now “MINI Connected ready”.

Just scroll through this article for all you need to know about MINI Connected and its newest possibilities.

MINI Connected:

Any MINI equipped with MINI Connected allows the driver to simply tuck an iPhone into the built-in USB port making it one with the MINI hi-res cockpit display. That's just the half of it -search for places nearby using Google Local SearchTM, monitor your driving efficiency and even update your Facebook and Twitter status on the move. See MINI Connected in the new film and get an overview of all the current and up coming functionalities.


Our new film shows just how intuitively and safely this game-changing feature works. A powerful tool for communications and social networking, MINI Connected unites trailblazing in-car technology with a groundbreaking app that can be downloaded to the driver's iPhone, turning the MINI into a thoroughly wired telecommunications and infotainment control center. The technology takes car-smartphone integration to an unprecedented level, and promises to deliver an ever-growing list of features in the form of app upgrades and extensions as available technologies and social networking capabilities develop.

Because the new technology required a film quite unlike any other that MINI has done before, the MINI Connected Team searched out a crew that could bring the groundbreaking technology's intuitive, powerful and polished feel to the screen. What they found was a crew of passionate pros at Red Gate Films who live for bringing cutting-edge gear like this to life. We had a chat with David Bousquet, director and cinematographer on the project to get a feel for what went into the project.

MINI Connected

The work of his team really brings the world of MINI Connected into the cockpit. Carefully crafting 3D models and introducing them seamlessly both into and outside the cabin of the MINI Countryman required a great deal of patience, time - and a full film crew tiptoeing around in their socks (apparently 3D models and pitch black studios are pretty sensitive environments).

Here's a run-down of the awesome features you'll find on your MINI Connected App:

MINI Connected

Connectivity: MINI Connected lets you stay synched to local news sources via customizable RSS feeds and your social network 24/7 by receiving Facebook and Twitter status updates as text on the dash display. Post your destinations, estimated arrival times and more to Twitter with preset tweets. You can even watch video podcasts uploaded to your iPhone right in-dash.

*NEW* Get the Latest News and Trending Podcasts

From now on Stitcher ‘Smart Radio’ is “MINI Connected ready”. The new integration of the Stitcher iPhone app gets you instant access to an award-winning pool of news, talk radio shows, and the most trending new podcasts. Over 10,000 programs are now just a joystick click away.

Stitcher for iPhone can be integrated directly into your MINI Connected by downloading the latest version at the iTunes App Store.

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Here are just a few of the shows you’ll be able to click through:

BBC World Service          CNN

Public Radio Shows
This American Life          Radiolab          The Moth

Business News

Comedy Podcasts
Adam Carolla          Joe Rogan

Sports News
Rich Eisen          Dan Patrick

*NEW* Now With Foursquare

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The seamless integration of Foursquare now helps you discover great new places like restaurants and parks with tips from the Foursquare community. You can also check in, earn Badges and keep tabs on your friends. In the MINI world, you’re the mayor.

*NEW* Never Be Late Again:

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Get alerts about your next meeting or coffee date by syncing your car and your iOS Calendar with the latest update to MINI Connected. Next time you have to rush out the door, you’ll have your whole to-do list ready and waiting on the dashboard. Manage your calendars, and stay all around organized on the go.

Navigation: Need to find the nearest gas station? Laundromat? Mexican restaurant? Just use Google Local SearchTM as simply as you normally would when using your iPhone to get around, or use the Send-to-CarTM function, allowing Google MapsTM to link up with the in-car navigation system of your MINI to give you detailed driving directions to wherever you need to go. Friends can even send you directions - right to the car.

MINI Connected

Driving Efficiency: The MINIMALISM Analyzer records driving data that will personally help you environmentally streamline your driving style in a way that's as fun to use as it is earth-friendly. This function will record a range of data from your drive - like acceleration, gear changes and braking - displaying it in real time, ranking your stats with a star system. You can then assess the efficiency of your road technique from journey to journey, comparing online and competing with other users in your quest to become the world's greenest MINI driver.

Vehicle Interaction: The Mission Control module gives you the ability to interact directly with your car. Your MINI will let you know outside air temperatures, or give you a friendly reminder to fasten your seatbelt and other situation-dependent messages. You can finally give your MINI the character and personality you always knew it had with options like a choice of language versions and driving modes.

MINI Connected

Music: MINI Connected can also use your iPhone to stream webradio stations from anywhere in the world - utilizing the familiar controls of the MINI audio system - giving you a prime opportunity to get acquainted with the four pre-programmed MINI Sounds Webradio stations. You can download the app and use it for webradio even if you don't have a MINI. US drivers will be able to customize their favorite Pandora* stations by directly controling the Pandora iPhone app. Or rock out with the innovative Dynamic Music feature, which takes the audio interactivity of MINI Connected one step further: specialized songs will allow the music coming out of your car stereo to respond directly to your driving style, so you can mix your own soundtrack as you drive. Step on it to kick up the BPM, or relax your driving style to hear more chilled-out beats.

MINI Connected
MINI Connected
MINI Connected
MINI Connected
MINI Connected
MINI Connected
MINI Connected
MINI Connected
MINI Connected
MINI Connected
MINI Connected
MINI Connected
MINI Connected
MINI Connected
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Driving Excitement: the new Driving Excitement App is the easiest way to really amp up the fun when you’re taking your MINI for a spin. It comes with three brand new features, displaying car analysis, sports instruments and acceleration data all on the on-board monitor’s high-res color display. Just upload the latest update to the MINI car via your iPhone to give it a test-drive.

The Driving Excitement App

Ready for excitement? The Condition Check feature makes sure your MINI’s in tip top shape before it hits the road. It scans the engine temperature, fuel level, outside temperature and even signs of rain, before letting you know you’re good to go.

The Driving Excitement App

Once you’re cruising, check out the Force Meter function to see what that MINI go-kart feeling really looks like when you drive.  With Force Meter, a virtual MINI displayed on the onboard monitor shows you linear and lateral acceleration vectors and forces, and various segments of the force field even illuminate in line with your own responses. And if you want some more data on your driving, the Digital Sports Instruments function will give you the engine temperature, engine output in revs and torque stats. You can even check the engine performance in kW or hp. And even whilst the Driving Excitement App is activated, you can still soundtrack your ride with MINI web radio, Mission Control and Dynamic Music.

Driving Excitement App
Driving Excitement App
Driving Excitement App
Driving Excitement App
Driving Excitement App
Driving Excitement App
Driving Excitement App
Driving Excitement App
Driving Excitement App
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Now, MINI Connected is offering customizable Internet radio from AUPEO!, the mobile music app. AUPEO! is available as a MINI Connected ready App for the iPhone, and can be used with MINI Connected from right behind the wheel. With a database of nearly 1 million tracks, AUPEO! focuses on musical discovery and recommendation. Pick your music by genre, artist or mood and fine tune your individual stream with Love and Ban options. Alternatively, try 150+ curated stations such as "Best ‘80s" or "Rock Classics," hand selected by AUPEO!s music experts. Now that's a MINI feature worth turning up the volume for!

Select your soundtrack according to your mood.
Music to suit any taste.
Soundtrack any situation with quirky stations.
Find Global stars, and upcoming names.
Music by genre.
AUPEO!  stations.
Chilled beats to soundtrack your road-trip.
Search by music style.
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*US Only

***provided your MINI has either the MINI Visual Boost audio system or MINI Navigation System with MINI Connected option.

Availability and range of features are dependent on the other equipment fitted, and may vary from country to country. Broadband mobile Internet access required. Costs resulting from this (e.g. data roaming) will be payable as specified in the contract with your network provider. MINI Connected app available free of charge from the device manufacturer's app. Store (subject to national restrictions). Updates available free of charge, but version upgrades may be chargeable. For more information about device compatibility and the various features of MINI Connected, visit


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Comments (53)


posted by Lhuis | 02/05/2015 01:28 pm

Youtube to Mini Connected :)

Murat Isik

posted by Murat Isik | 10/11/2013 03:48 am

2011 Mini cooper S with navigation system. I have problem connecting Iphone 4S ( IOS7) by using original split cable to mini connected. I can listen music but I can not use the other functions of Mini Connected. Can anyone help?


posted by danielinvoice | 11/15/2012 03:53 pm

sorry but is Absolut ridiculous that after almost 2 years from the launch of mini connected you haven’t develop the app for android., i don’t know if you don’t read the news., but Google’s Android share stood at 52.2% against Apple’s 33.4% (July 2012) ., even if this is opposite you should do it .., BMW has already done his app to android, so why you don’t!! sorry but I think is sad that a “luxury” card like mini has a LOT worst audio system than a FORD that cost less than half the mini price.. it is absurd.

Brian OReilly

posted by Brian OReilly | 09/21/2012 12:55 pm

In discussions by MINI around android, the responses are about current Android devices and issues. If on average, people replace their phone every 2-3 years, they really should be designing for newer android devices that are more standardized, connection-wise. The arguments given on the MINI page are spurious arguments at best. C'Mon Mini, you can do better.


posted by bjknight | 09/20/2012 10:45 am

OK. So Android is now massively outselling iOS devices internationally. The Google Send to Car feature is probably dead with iOS6 and STILL there is no news or possible date for the Android support for MINI Connected.
Throw us a bone, guys!

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