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Introducing the New MINI Clubvan: Your Workplace on Wheels

There’s a new mover and shaker that just sprinted to the front of the entrepreneurial pack. Poised to deliver you and your daily business stylishly into the city streets, this enterprising new workhorse is the perfect combination of sleek mobile advertisement and efficient, energetic expediter. Well suited and ready to hire, meet the new MINI Clubvan.

MINI Cliubvan

MINI has always been just too good an idea for one model. In the 1960s, the public demand for a workingman’s Classic Mini resulted in the Morris Mini Van, the predecessor and source of inspiration for the new MINI Clubvan.

Like nearly half a century ago, the demand for a MINI of this build has been growing for some time now. Custom modified MINI Clubman and others are already serving small businesses — perhaps in your own neighborhood — with the grand pairing of aesthetics and efficiency that MINI is well known for.  The MINI Clubvan eliminates the need to choose between style and practicality when it comes to getting things done.

MINI Clubvan

An important way to stand out and stay ahead of the competition is by choosing a flagship. It’s one of the most classic means of putting forward a company’s image. The MINI Clubvan is the first premium model of its kind on the market, so teaming it up with businesses of any size will make for peerless pairs.

And it’s fast. Unlike most lumbering clunkers designed solely for the purpose of heavy hauling, MINI recognized the need to keep a company car agile and fun to drive when it took on the challenge of reinventing the traditional carrier. After all, as an office on wheels, it’s important to keep comfortable and energized while on the go. 

So. Let’s get down to business.

The Stats:
• Covered rear-windows — perfect canvasses for your custom creations.
• 6-speed manual transmission.
• 201 km/h top speed* — get those goods cross-town.
• 0-100 km/h in 9.8 seconds* — no model in class faster.
• 860-liter loading compartment.
• Partition grill between front seats and loading zone.
• Two 12-volt sockets in the rear.
• Splitdoors in rear for easy loading.
• Carpeted load-floor, including a lid for access to additional load-space underneath.
• Four-cylinder gasoline or diesel engine.
• 1st car-derived van with light duty truck registration & tax reduction (subject to local truck registration requirements) by MINI.

    Exclusive to the MINI Clubvan are 15” light-alloy Delta Spoke wheels in silver.

    MINI Clubvan
    © MINI

    The new MINI Clubvan is a veritable rolling warehouse, but with all the appeal of a tidy storefront. After selecting a base color of Pepper White, Ice Blue, or Midnight Black, you’ll be set to slap on that company seal with pride for all your customers to see, and the competition to envy.

    All told, the MINI Clubvan is a go-getter that gets job done, all the while in unrivaled style.

    MINI Clubvan
    © MINI
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    *Engine statistics based on a MINI Clubvan Cooper engine. Visit your local MINI dealer or go to for availability and more details.

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    Comments (2)

    MINI Space Team

    posted by MINI Space Team | 06/25/2012 05:06 am

    The MINI Clubvan will not be available with ALL4, but it's impressive engine stats will still be sure to keep you ahead of the pack.

    Wish I had a mini

    posted by Wish I had a mini | 06/23/2012 03:42 pm

    Does it have the awd?

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