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MINI Rooftop NYC: High above Hell’s Kitchen

What about a new party location that is literally "above the rest", where you can escape the daily drudge of the streets below and get on top of the Manhattan grind? 

MINI Rooftop NYC
Final rendering © HWKN

This late summer the MINI Rooftop NYC will be one of the places to hang out in New York City. It's a ten day jam packed event in September that brings together art, music, culture, fashion and design. And it's all happening on a roof! Right now, high above the bustle of Hell's Kitchen on 10th Avenue and 36th street, an urban oasis is being built for the creative minds of the city that never sleeps.

Designed by Matthias Hollwich and Marc Kushner, the young architects behind HWKN, the space will offer not just cool music and parties, but morning yoga and pilates sessions to get you mentally sorted for the rest of the day. There will also be a creative lounge for relaxing and hosting events just about anything creative and fun.

The Rooftop is a great example of creative use of space. In an urban hub like New York, where open areas are as rare as a free taxi ride, what could be more logical than adding a cool outdoor lounge to the roof of an old Hell's Kitchen warehouse?

Party at the MINI Rooftop NYC
The building and the view from the rooftop

For all the cool acts, big names, the complete program, tickets, freebies, registration for all events and background info, stay tuned in on the MINI Rooftop project page. If you can't make it in person, keep checking for our regular video reports from the roof! For the others, see you there for a summer sundowner!

Check out what's going down (or up!) at the MINI Rooftop NYC, and sign up for free gigs, workshop, chats and party!

MINI Rooftop NYC


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Comments (9)


posted by kokeshi_design | 08/18/2008 10:07 am

cacchioooo io sono a Tokyo tutta settembre.. partecipare mi sa ke è inutile ve?


posted by Dark0 | 08/11/2008 02:08 pm

Infatti, mi servirebbe la mano di qualcuno di voi. Almeno date un'occhiata al mio video. Sono sicuro che vi piacerà. Almeno ci sono due tre passaggi dove vi spaccherete dalle risate. Vi prometto che se vado a NY vi porto una maglietta. =)


Francesco Bianco

posted by Francesco Bianco | 08/05/2008 05:10 am

DarkO, se voti i video di Check In Architecture puoi vincere un viaggio per NYC e partecipare agli eventi del MINI Rooftop NYC! Cosa aspetti?

Francesco Bianco

posted by Francesco Bianco | 08/04/2008 09:36 am

Geniale, no? Su un tetto così sarà veramente come essere... sul tetto del mondo! Bisogna spargere la voce! Un vero e proprio tam tam! ;-)


posted by nikelio | 08/02/2008 09:33 am

questa è una di quelle iniziative o uno di quelli eventi ke t rendono la vita piu colorata ke danno modo ad ognuno di noi, di esprimersi attraverso l'arte grafica, visiva, acustica ecc... sono felice che esistano persone come voi che riescono ad avere idee di questo tipo. Un saluto dal vostro neo-iscritto NiK3LiO

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