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Trip of a Lifetime: MINI Takes The States

Road-tripping west with a massive caravan of MINI across America would be a dream come true for any die-hard MINIac. MINI Space’s own Axel Griesinger is off on just such a trek with no doubts it will be the trip of a lifetime. The dyed-in-the-wool MINI fan will be on assignment during the entire expedition. With dozens of MINI compatriots joining him for MINI Takes the States — a premium event organized every two years — MINI is set to make its mark on the fruited plains of America.

Mini Takes the States 2012

Axel's Report:

There’s an endless number of thrilling adventures that make it into our bucket lists. But let’s be honest: how often do we really seek out these unique experiences? Some philosophize about them, others dream about them their entire life, but only a select few actually go through with them. Those who take the toil though, reap the rewards and collect the stories we all wish we had.

What’s on my bucket list? How about a 3,900 mile (6,300 kilometres) pilgrimage across the US? Not an uncommon one, true. But if one good turn deserves another, why not also do it in a MINI? That’s a match made in heaven, so it’s no wonder that a full entourage can be rallied every couple years for MINI Takes the States.

Mini Takes the States 2012
MINI Takes the States 2010 © Jeff Lewis

The event organized by MINI takes place every two years and the 2012 edition — the fourth event to date — is titled “Go West.” When the black and white checkered flag is drops July 4th in front of the MINI USA Headquarters in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey, the participants start on an eleven-day adventure through 17 states and 3 time zones. Final destination: Los Angeles, California. The route demands a lot from both the drivers and the cars. From the legendary Tail of the Dragon in North Carolina to the pulsating metropolis of Chicago, through the vast expanse of the Midwest and over the Rocky Mountains, the ride charts through some of the country’s most exciting territory.

But it’s not just the romantic appeal of the wide open road that has so many of the MINI faithful joining forces for MINI Takes the States. Concerts, exclusive parties, and MINIcross slalom races are all part in store for those who attend.

MINI Takes the States 2010
A horde of MINI travel across the country. On board: a permanent smile! MINI Takes the States 2010

Nearly 100 MINI drivers have already registered for this trip, with many making their virgin voyage. And for those who don’t want to burn quite so many vacation days, it’s possible to participate in select stages.

I’ll be bringing a European’s take on it all, coming straight from Germany. This is one MINIac who went the extra mile to live his dream. The flights are booked, the suitcase packed, and I’m set for some epic MINI reporting. Be sure to follow all the action on Facebook MINI Space and Facebook MINI USA for first-hand impressions and a fan’s perspective on this two-week transcontinental MINI initiative.

Want to join the crew? Just follow this link to register:

See you on the road!

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Comments (2)

Axel Griesinger

posted by Axel Griesinger | 07/01/2012 07:21 am

Looks like but without stolen gold ;-)


posted by Behnoud | 06/30/2012 04:34 pm

American Job ?

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