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Optical Illusions in Real Life! Design Competition - Winners Announced!

The months leading up to winter can be pretty relentless. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. But amidst the sludgy, sunless air, the moth-eaten winterwear, and those biting dark mornings, we have found solace in the Optical Illusions in Real Life! Design Competition, which has kept a smile on our faces all autumn long. So, to all the perspective twisters, the Photoshop wizards and the tilt-shift lens owners out there: we salute you. And we thank you, sincerely, for so thoroughly distracting us over the past few months. We only wish we could honor you all!

Jury Prize 1: Apple iMac (21.5-inch: 2.5GHz)
“Old Green” by Felipelambert, France

Felipe Lambert: Old Green

Felipelambert scoops our top spot and a brand new iMac for his striking submission, Old Green. The jury loved the aesthetic harmony of colours, the enigmatic behavior of the subject, and, most of all, the way it plays, oh so subtly, upon that sense of dizziness you always get with moving escalators. There’s no cheap tricks, no gimmicks, just an angular web of intersecting lines and angles that just leave you feeling ever so slightly disorientated. Judging by the figure in the image, we aren’t the only ones!

Jury Prize 2: iPad 2
“Keep Falling Down” by Gordon Stone Mcbryde, U.K.

UK photographer Gordon Stone McBryde creates a dazzlingly simple yet powerful illusion with his entry, Keep Falling Down. One trampoline, one grey day and one rotate function were all it took to craft the image – yet its simplicity belies its stark visual punch. For Gordon, the story behind the photo is “metaphorical… it is about the times when we fall and encounter resistance.” There’s no resistance here, Gordon!

Jury Prize 3: Kenneth Cole Messenger Bag
“Freshly Squeezed” by Stuart Coulter, U.K.

Stucoulter - Freshly Squeezed

Stuart Coulter secured his spot on the winners’ podium with this tricksy orange juice illusion.  A good optical illusion really squeezes every drop of potential from an image, and we thought Stuart's piece did just that.

Popular Vote Prize: Apple iTunes Gift Card (for approx. 100 songs)
'Discovering the City' by Luciusenfabula, Italy

Discovering the City - Luciusenfabula

Once again, the MINI Space community has found a real talent to champion. Lucio Barbuio’s Discovering the City has the visual impact of a tourism bureau print ad, with a cheekily subversive (and literal) twist. They may look intense, but we wouldn’t give the boys too much credit for all that death defying urban adventuring…

Laurent Laveder
Jose Diaz
Matt Hearsum
Laurent Laveder
Mocha Liu
Andreia Faley
Richard Evans
Scott Dalmeida
Савина Гугова
Chakib Tsouli
J Manuel Perez Olguin
Christian Schiffel
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Right, we’re off to lie down in a dark room. If the vertigo hasn’t got to you yet, scroll through our runners-up gallery for a whole range of tricks and trompe l‘oeils.  And if you’re feeling inspired, get involved with our current design competition, Chromania!, for a chance to win some top dollar prizes!

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Comments (2)


posted by giudis | 12/28/2011 10:55 am

the first and second ranked have photos very beautiful but off topic compared to request notice of contest. Where is the optical illusion?
The third place, also a nice photo and a beautiful photo montage, reminiscent of an old advertisement for a drink.
It is true that the choice is subjective but it is also true that many photos have been published, and in theme with the contest. For sure the photos that have won are pretty pictures but did not comply with the contest.
The jury is the sector that there comes with communication? To me it seems not.


posted by yourscreatively | 12/02/2011 01:17 pm

Mini Space gives a great platform to view the work of artists from all over the world.
Optical Illusion is a very simple term and yet as usual the jury has lived upto my expectations with the most bland of the entries selected as winners with not a hint of 'Optical Illusion magic'...!

Very sad!
- Nilesh Mehta, Mumbai

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