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Photography Competition: Winners Announced!

When we asked our MINI Spacers to submit photos that captured the theme of "duality" for our most recent competition, they got right to snapping and submitted an amazing total of almost 10,000 photographs. There were so many fantastic images among them, but our jury had to narrow down the selection to a top three...

Photo Competition Winners

Ranging from portraits to still lifes, black & white to color, the humorous to the sad, beautiful, or startling, the vast array of styles made it all the more difficult to pick favorites. After lots of time spent clicking, discussing, and sleeping on it, the jury has singled out three distinctive selections.

Jury-selected Prize

Savage soul

1. "Savage soul"

by mlokas

The hulking silhouette of a mastodon is painted on the wall of a construction site. In front of it, the sleeping form of a yellow backhoe curves like a mechanical skeleton within the outline of the mastodon. We saw the striking contrast of prehistoric beast with bright modern machine as a fresh and thought-provoking way to interpret "duality".


2. "Duality1"

by Rafael

We found this photo, in a word: amazing. Just as any great photo should, it prompts us to ask ourselves all kinds of questions. Did this lady plan her outfit in the morning to blend in with the wild pattern of the bus upholstery? Could it be just some kind of kooky coincidence? And, if we needed to give any more reasons for awarding this MINI Spacer second prize, we might note that the photo was actually snapped with an iPhone! We're hoping the prize of a digital camera will only encourage this artist to keep on documenting amazing finds like this one in the future.


3. "Hope and Fear..."

by MPiscotty

The actions of the subjects in this photo just seem to shout "duality". While an old man reaches up, embracing the falling water, his face twisted either in pain or exuberance or both, the young boy next to him retreats unhappily beneath the shower of water. Or is he exhilirated? Either way, we feel that a powerful instant is captured here.

Popular Vote

Popular Vote Winner

"Duality in love!"

by Mary Papanikolaou

To see some great designs that did not make the final cut but deserve an Honorable Mention check out our Runners'-Up Gallery below:

Back to front
The Enemy Within
we stand alone, together.
Selfportrait by the sea
Let's Fight "Montage"
now and then
The Creator
Do you like butter
me myself and I
Size matters 3
The San Fracisco Brown Twins
shine on
Los extremos se tocan
Click on a picture to launch the image gallery (20 images)


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Comments (13)

vladimir kis

posted by vladimir kis | 03/17/2010 06:51 pm

I think there could have been more depth to this theme, 'Duality'.


posted by Nishanta | 11/04/2009 06:04 am

Congrats to all...God Bless


posted by rafffa | 10/27/2009 02:33 pm

Congratzzz to the winners!!!!!!!!
Congratz also to ALL people...Gr8 works!!!! Gr8 all styles!!!


posted by ainaelucknow | 10/26/2009 02:34 am

ahhh i don't see the first one impressive at all. ya the lady sitting does attract attention but. ur choice is mainly computer manipulation of pictures which do not even look real. i


posted by MPiscotty | 10/23/2009 04:12 pm

Thanks to those that wished me congrats and well done by first and second place as well. Feel free to check out more of my work at - there's also a link there to my blog as well.

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