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Creative Use of Space since 1959

This Space is for you.

MINI Space is where like-minded MINI fans meet to prove time and again they’re the most colourful people on four wheels. Their stories and yours are what drives this space, whether a road trip adventure or a creative project that looks to MINI as the muse. MINI Space puts the MINI community in the driver’s seat.

MINI racks up countless miles each year travelling to action-packed events around the globe, and MINI Space snags you a VIP spot at every stop: from exclusive interviews to concerts, design fairs, auto shows and festivals – and the sidelines of major action sports events. And while living motorsport legends chase chequered flags and showcase breathtaking stunts, you’re right in the pit with them.

But MINI Space is much more. It’s also where your greatest work gets showcased, hosting photography and design competitions with enviable prizes always up for grabs. Share your skills and you’ll see your original work fill the background of this screen for the whole MINI community to see.

The most powerful engine in the MINI family isn’t under the hood. It’s the millions who jump into the driver’s seat and seize each day with their foot on the accelerator. It's a community going strong since 1959. So set your navigation to MINI Space and discover the MINI magnetism that brings us all together.

Let’s motor!