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Ebnil Nawfal

Ebnil Nawfal

Ebnil Nawfal

male, 24

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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About me

Hi to all my friends, 1st thing all of u must to know,i like talk straight forwords.. o.k my name is 'Ebnil'.. but FUCK ur if u call me with something badwords, if u like to use badwords no need to be my friend n u can leave from here now and no need to read untill the end k., i was born in in 16/12/199+.. i'm stiil study now, i'm take in couse Diploma Automotive Technology n studying about Motorsport Tuner, i have a Motorsport team(W.H Motorsport).. My hobbies is.. im like to watching film(especially the movie is about cars or bikes) n chatt or gosib with my friend about the modification cars and bikes, i like to make friends with u all n also go to hang out with my friends.., o.k this only what i can told to u all,so if u wanna to know about me deeply and to share something with me just come on to click ADD ME and to let we have be a friends in nice relationship... For guys to share something or something invited events of motorsport or street race(underGround),u all can message me...

My Interests

Fashion and style, Travelling the world, Taking pictures wherever I go, Second hand or vintage stuff, Fine art, Cinema & films, Delicious food, Future gadgets, Meeting smart people, Computer Arts and games, Street art, Books and literature

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Jazman Areef

posted by Jazman Areef | 02/12/2011 11:11 am

wei, mcm mne nk tgk latest event??

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