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This Time, it's personal.

Photobox winner Linda Mühlhäußer

If you happened to be strolling along Berlin's main shopping drag, Kurfürstendamm, this May, you might have asked yourself just what on earth was that enormous video screen doing on the side of that building? And who were all those people wearing headphones, whose giant heads were being broadcast for all the city to see?

Or you might have stumbled right into the cloud of dust being kicked up across the internet in response to the project and its charmingly simple, thrillingly innovative premise: snap a photo of yourself wearing a pair of colorful headphones to match the personalized exterior mirrors of the MINI model of your choice, either in the real life photo booth in Berlin, or uploaded via Facebook. Then see an image of your own larger-than-life face gazing down from a 104-square-meter video screen, then beamed around the universe via web.

That was MINI Photo Box.

Under the motto "It's personal," the guerrilla initiative united millions of MINI fans worldwide by giving each and every one of them a shot at the spotlight. And, for that extra-personal touch, everyone who took part stood the chance to be the lucky winner who would drive away in the MINI of their choosing.

For Linda Mühlhäußer of Würzburg, Germany, the game just got a lot more personal. She was randomly selected from the huge community of fans and friends who participated in MINI Photo Box to win the orange MINI Cabrio with electric green exterior mirror caps that she picked to be her co-star back in May when her own bright smile graced the big screen. Event participants could choose which MINI model they wanted to win, and this car accompanied them on-screen. Little did she know she'd be seeing a whole lot more of that vibrant vehicle.

Congratulations Linda. In the "It's personal" spirit, she gave the MINI Space Team some personal answers to our most burning questions.

What do you do for a living? What is your favorite thing to do when you have a moment to relax?
I'm studying Biology at the University of Würzburg, so I spend a lot of time in the lab or in other classrooms. I love nature, so I try to spend as much time as possible outside-I jog in the beautiful vineyards around Würzburg or meet my friends for a little drink by the riverside, in the evening.

Why did you decide to enter the MINI Photo Box competition? Did you ever imagine you might win?
My boyfriend, who lives in Berlin, told me about the Photo Box at Kurfürstendamm, so I joined the competition on Facebook. I liked the idea with the different colored headphones a lot, but I never thought that I had the slightest chance to win.

Before this, what was the most exciting thing you had gotten for FREE?
I'd never won anything cool or exciting! The only thing I'd ever won was an old and dirty English book from my teacher.

What was the first thing you did when you found out you won? Who was the first person you told about it?
A friend of mine was with me when I got the message, so she was the first person who knew. At first I thought somebody was playing a trick on me, so I acted a bit skeptically. But my friend was so excited about it from the beginning and finally convinced me that it was true. We danced around in my little apartment.

Where is the first place you will go in your new MINI?
First I'll go to my family-they live in Stuttgart and they are also very excited. I will pick up my grandmother and take her for a ride, because she really loves MINI and always wanted to have one for herself.

Mini Photo Box on the Kurfürstendamm this May

Want to be part of more MINI contests and MINI events like MINI Photo Box, maybe get lucky like Linda, and have a good time while you're at it? Look up for the hookup.


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